Spring Thinking

Change your thinking – It’s not where price is, it’s where value is.

The market is an iceberg, judge your movements by what is under the surface.

This applies to many things, not just the market.



Don’t discount the poor high

Or the strong internals

The current trend

Or expiration week.



Calm and Collected.


Spring Cleaning Week 1

  1. Motorola Bluetooth headphones. Plain and simple I haven’t used them in years. Wont miss them. Sorry Char.


  1. Donating this to a local lab. I won’t be using this Anemometer anymore.

  1. I saved magazines with the intent of reading certain articles. I read the articles. Bye bye clutter.


  1. Consolidated a ton of hard drive space this weekend, the result: An entire array can go! I should give myself credit for 3 items!


  1. She’s dead Jim.


  1. Expired medicine. This weeks cleaning has been quite through.

  1. Old birch boxes. I was using these as organizers, and by these I mean 2 of the 8 I had.

  1. Speaking of birchbox, here is an entire bag of samples that just plain need to go. I have a travel bag and I have reserves for guests, this is collecting dust.



Spring Cleaning Challenge

So a friend and I have devised a spring cleaning challenge for the month of March. The challenge is as follows:


Remove at least 1 item from your home every day for the entire month of March.

You must remain net-zero for each day. If you bring something new in that is not food, you must take something else out.

In total a minimum of 31 items will go. Sort of a slow cleanse for your habitat, but in the end I hope that 31 items will make a big impact on the living space.


Obviously I’m 5 days late posting this, but I will still make it to 31.



God help our children, there is no sign of mathematic intelligence anywhere in this KidSave program. Nor in this article explaining it.


This author is suggesting the fed gov. put $3500 into a fund over the first five years of a newborns life. Cool. He then goes on to say that 60 years later, “through the miracle of compound interest” an individual will have almost $700,000 due to 5% annual growth. I guess this is good enough if you are an anti-hope, government misanthrope considering how atrociously wrong this math is. Par for the course.

The seventh grade math boils down to this: 3500 x1.05^60; 3500 principle, 5% interest rate, 60 years. This equals $65377 nearly an order of magnitude difference from the authors proposed $700000.

It doesn’t stop there, the vacuous author goes on to suggest that the child be able to withdraw from the fund after 15 years to pay for college. At 15, that child will be able to withdraw $7300, by then that will be just enough money to take a college level course on exponents…at a community college.

Again, God help our children. The only solution is to fight inflation interest.


2013 into 14

I’m late to the game getting to this subject, but I took some time for renewal and reflection to dig deep and think about how I wanted to move forward after having such an awful year. My 2013 sucked. Bad. It’s safe to say that by the end of it I had completely lost myself and any direction I may have had prior to the start of the year. This changes now.


Some moleskine reflections:

  1. No year ever gets worse – I just keep putting more and more demands on myself of an ever increasing intensity year in, year out.

I know I’m not alone, the ease at we as a society compare ourselves to others is the fuel behind this. Seeing something else in someone else and attempting to manifest in ourselves, is much easier to say, much easier to dream, but much HARDER to do. Duh! We almost always have the audacity to dream of the success and rationalize the reason for the change, but rarely do we have the audacity for attaining that dream. Don’t know what I mean? Try surfing through Facebook, I’m willing to bet you will quickly catch yourself comparing your own achievements to the posts you may find on there, whether they be from a successful businessman, a professional athlete, adventurer, newly wed, homeowner, your friends etc. Anyone your brain can deem “ahead” of you in the points race of life so to speak. I am 100% guilty. Trouble is, you can only run one race at a time. Our own comparisons in our now fast paced electronic fueled lives compound on this guilt by signing us up to run in more than one race, effectively putting more expectation and potential for failure on our plates, let alone the added time and effort. It’s draining, it’s detrimental. I digress. My point is: maybe the year wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have such high expectations and didn’t foolishly sign ourselves up for more than we are capable of in the first place. I’m not saying decrease your ambition or don’t do whatever it is that you want to do, but let’s see what would happen this time around if we ran one race effectively. A points race that has all of our heart and soul, with maximal effort, that is acutely adaptive to life, and has the needed audacity to see it through. What im boiling all of this down to is this: do what you love and live a simpler life. To quote Albert Einstein Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.


  1. 2013 crap

I have spent months cleaning up financial issues within my family. Family over everything.

I spent a lot of time and money to end up exactly where I started when it comes to training. Even when I was training with 10% of the focus I used to I still tried to grind out workouts, hyped up on optimism and not realism. My nervous system was destroyed and I ended up injuring my knee.

I was distracted. I was trying to move mountains by strengthening my relationship and giving my all to make peace and a solid foundation at the cost of my own life (professionally and socially). I performed poorly at work and I started to lose my local friends.

My relationship fell apart. Completely silly and most likely inevitable, but it left a massive mark on me and taxed my ability to focus and think for the majority of the year. I believed this person would be with me for forever, god damn I was wrong. No longer will this person live rent free in my brain.

I was tested heavily on my dream of being a trader. Extreme measures had to be taken to not capitulate; the family matters only made this worse, the long run will tell us more. Emotionally this battle is over, but I am still picking up the pieces so to speak.

I rushed my biggest decisions of the year. Who I was going to live with and should I fix my dead jeep to name a couple.

I chased a business opportunity that has led me to nowhere but hot air land.

My biggest client, with the most upside potential for me to pull myself out of the hole decided to cease all business with my company on December 31st.

I never took a break. – My biggest mistake of them all.

I really don’t have much success from this year to talk about other than I am still here, I have minimal debt, and I met a friend who I hope will be with me forever.

It doesn’t make sense, I tried to make sense of it Plan all you like, practice good health and karma, be kind to puppies, life will fuck your shit up. However, I am a marketable man, with my own skillset, and my own ambition. I am fully capable of starting my climb back up from what seems to be the bottom.


So lets make some rules going forward in to 2014.

Don’t ever get attached or emotional over any kind of plan or idea. Take a step back. Go forward with a clear, settled, adaptive mind. Shit happens. Opportunities are created.

When something extensively hurts or requires too much effort. I’m going to stop doing it. That’s right B. A tasteful balanced life is ahead.

Be prepared to make the right decision, as vague as this is, It is the most important. As CEO of yourself, you have to look after yourself and your world. Make sure you are making the RIGHT decision and not the emotional or popular decision.


In 2014 I am going to do whatever the FUCK I want to do!