A Banking PR Pro Tip #Bank of #America

“We have the right to make profit”

Or so says Bank of America’s CEO in response to the proposed $5/month checking fees the bank intends to implement in the coming year.

C’mon son! It’s bad enough that people already hate you for nickel and diming them. It’s worse that you took bailouts. It’s even worse that you are on the brink of collapse. And now you publicly spit in the face of your depositors? Clearly you have forgotten how this shit works. You need the depositors in order to rape them. And what do you mean you have a right to make profit? Are you not? WE have a right to a corruption free market, I don’t see you helping with that? As the little guy I have something you don’t have though. I have the power of choice.

Yesterday, I had enough. I am in the process of pulling all of my business from Bank of America. Something I have been wanting to do over the last 2 years but haven’t just out of pure convenience. But enough is enough, I’m off my ass and going to hit you the only way I can. At the wallet. (More on this later I have done quite a bit of research). I suggest anyone that is reading this do the same whether it be BofA or any other too big to fail bank.


RE: Marketing Folks

I’m seriously convinced everything in this world is a fucking scam. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid getting ripped off each day. Bill Hicks please help me.

That is all.