I’ll Get You Next Time Gadget

That’s all I can think about in reaction to Fernando Alonso’s finish at the GP of Abu Dhabi last weekend.  Check it out.

He mad.

For those of you that don’t know whats going on, that’s the reaction of Mr. 2 time Formula 1 World Champion, Fernando Alonso, after battling Vitally Petrov in front of him for almost 40 laps during the 2010 season finale race. Unfortunately for Alonso, his battle ended in failure during Alonso’s most important race of his magnificent WDC comeback. One single pass would have made all the difference, if he could have gotten around Petrov (yellow car) he would have to had to change his title to “Mr. 3 times”. I think I would be a little ticked too, but as an Alonso hater, I love every second of it.

The good news is that following the race, drivers, team bosses, ex-racers, fans, stewards, even the FIA president, all bashed the tracks layout. All claiming ‘it does not provide enough oppurtunities to pass’. This is a step in the right direction, with all of that criticism, surely the managers of the track will be open to some changes. That, however, is another post!

Until then, watch it again. I love the reaction of Petrov “What did you want me to do, confirm that you are faster than me?” I had too. I just did.


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