Both of these men have rocks in their heads.

Krugman is just plain and simple, off the deep end stupid. Holy fuck! Who gave him a degree?

Ron Paul, you tout “Inflation is theft” yet, never do we hear about you stopping the debasement of our currency by private banks. End the fed, audit the fed, be the fed, fed this, fed that, competitive currency? How do you plan on doing this with private banks destroying it at the governments will? You have lost your mind. And shut up about gold already. Yes, it has been a good investment against the dollar since the crisis, but short of buying shares of Netflix, so has everything else commodity related. That inflation is partially YOUR fault. Shut the fuck up! All of you: Obama drama, Paul, Krugman, Romney, EVERYONE!

Make the left side of this image return. Then I’ll listen.


In a day and age with so much corruption; so much out to get you; easy financialization; a nutcase healthcare system; the fact of the matter comes down to this: we can write checks with our technology that we cannot cash with our wallets.

Think about that for a moment and see how many things you can apply that to nowadays.

I’ll get the pump primed:

College tuition…

Oh Shit Checklist #oh shit

From a Zerohedge comment here is your checklist for Oh SHIT the financial world is coming to an end!  Too Funny, unfortunately its pretty much all true.

Checklist of ‘Oh Shit’ –

Near Record or Record Margin
Near Record or Record Leverage
An Unregulated and Private Derivatives Market With a Notional Value Approximated at 600 Trillion USD, Which Will Ultimately Necessitate More Bailouts of ‘TBTF’ Entities Under Threat of “Martial Law” & “Tanks in the Streets” When Certain, Special Entities Lose Their Wagers:
Excessive Governmental Meddling That Distorts Supply/Demand Curve
Excessive Central Bankster Meddling Via Monetary Policy Distorting Supply/Demand Curve
Complete Lack of Transparency As To How, What, When & Where Central Banksters Are Doing Things
An Accumulated Debt Overhang Built Over 40 Years That Puts Interest Component On National Debt, Alone, At Several Multitudes of What The Entire National Debt Was Just 20 Years Prior
An Accumulated Debt Carried By the Federal Government So Large That Nearly 30 Cents of Every Dollar Borrowed by Federal Government in Form of Annual Deficit Spending Goes Toward Interest on the Debt
A Structural Change in Employment Base Whereby a True 20% of the Workforce (18 to 60 Year Olds – Not Disabled) Can Not Find Permanent Work
A Structural Change in Employment Base Whereby a True 30% of the Workforce Can Only Find Work that Puts Them In ‘Working Poor’ Status
A Structural Change in the Economy & Society Whereby a True 50% of the Population is Dependent on Direct Government Aid & Subsidization In Order to Meet the Basic Expenses of their Day-To-Day Subsistence
Having The ‘Financial Services’ Industry Constitute 40%+ of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, While The ‘Manufacturing’ Sector Consitutes Roughly 16% (Exact Inverse of Where Things Stood in 1968)
The U.S. Government Spending 1.41 for Each Dollar of Revenue it Receives On An Annual Basis.
Having Property Taxes at the Local Level of Government Grow 480x Over In 80 Years in Real Dollar Terms
Having The Government Move From A Model Whereby It Is Able to Balance Its Budget Taking a Mere 6% of the Average Annual Income of Americans in 1913 to One Whereby It Is Running An Annual Deficit Equal to 16% of GDP and Has A Debt of 108% of GDP (It’s Actually Much Higher Than That) While Taking Nearly 20% of Average American’s Incomes (This Nearly 20% Doesn’t Include Sales Tax, Property Taxes, Use Taxes, Permit or License Taxes/Fees, License or Registration Taxes/Fees, State Income Taxes, Death Taxes, Personal Property Taxes, or a Myriad of other Taxes).
Having 3 Segment of the National Annual Budget Consume 80% of Spending: Medicare, Social Security & Defense
Having a Congress, Executive & Judicial Branch of Government in ‘Deep Capture,’ That Works For the Best Interests of the Military-Industrial-Financial Complex, Always
Having Sacrosanct Provisions of the Constitution Gutted, Shredded & Vaporized So Completely That The Constitution Becomes A Mere Reference Point & “Sometimes Persuasive,” Rather Than A Mandatory Roadmap


…One day this will all come tumbling down on us. Until then, protect yourself  now and keep laughing.


Someone Had To Say It

Fantastic read!

On Friday, April 8, as members of the U.S. Congress engaged in a last-minute game of chicken over the federal budget, the Pentagon quietly issued a report that received little initial attention: “A National Strategic Narrative.” The report was issued under the pseudonym of “Mr. Y,” a takeoff on George Kennan’s 1946 “Long Telegram” from Moscow (published under the name “X” the following year in Foreign Affairs) that helped set containment as the cornerstone of U.S. strategy for dealing with the Soviet Union.

The piece was written by two senior members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CAPT Wayne Porter, USN and Col Mark “Puck” Mykleby) in a “personal” capacity, but it is clear that it would not have seen the light of day without a measure of official approval. Its findings are revelatory, and they deserve to be read and appreciated not only by every lawmaker in Congress, but by every American citizen.

The narrative argues that the United States is fundamentally getting it wrong when it comes to setting its priorities, particularly with regard to the budget and how Americans as a nation use their resources more broadly. The report says Americans are overreacting to Islamic extremism, underinvesting in their youth, and failing to embrace the sense of competition and opportunity that made America a world power. The United States has been increasingly consumed by seeing the world through the lens of threat, while failing to understand that influence, competitiveness, and innovation are the key to advancing American interests in the modern world.

Courageously, the authors make the case that America continues to rely far too heavily on its military as the primary tool for how it engages the world. Instead of simply pumping more and more dollars into defense, the narrative argues:

By investing energy, talent, and dollars now in the education and training of young Americans — the scientists, statesmen, industrialists, farmers, inventors, educators, clergy, artists, service members, and parents, of tomorrow — we are truly investing in our ability to successfully compete in, and influence, the strategic environment of the future. Our first investment priority, then, is intellectual capital and a sustainable infrastructure of education, health and social services to provide for the continuing development and growth of America’s youth.


Will our politicians listen?

This of course comes to light in regards to the outrageously huge defense expenditures the US takes part in. But defense has many different faces and can be used strategically in many different ways other than just pure military might. Domestic energy keeps our cash in our country, thereby choking the money supply for irrational behavior overseas in some of our “less friendly” nations. Better teachers lead to better students which in turn leads to a smarter workforce and better innovation, essential components for a sound, growing economy. Social service and health, reduce crime, wasteful spending and harmful behavior among citizens. Providing a higher quality of life while burdening the budget of ones government much less.  A better, less forceful  investment now can lead to a much better ROI tomorrow.

$1.5 Trillion.   Thats the amount we currently spend on defense (domestic and international efforts).   Imagine what could happen if just 1/4 of that could go into domestic energy production and education.  $375 billion a year more than triples the current budget for energy and education in this country.  

For what it’s worth, this is an opinion coming from someone that happily works within the US defense industry.

Mr. President & Health Care Pt. 1

Mr. Obama,

I have been a hard critic of your administration. I will continue to be a hard critic of your administration. I do not associate myself as either rethuglican or spendocrat, I share mixed feelings with what you have done with your term thus far. Today however, my hat is off to you. Not specifically for the bill that you passed, but the adversity you faced to get it passed. The adversity im referring to is, politics, and all of the partisan bull shit associated with it. Mainly the fact that republicans cant stand you, and cant stand democrats in power. Anything that you would have written in that bill no matter how conservative would still be ill-favored and opposed entirely by the republicans. They plain and simple dont want YOU or your party to get the credit, and for that matter be successful. Not now, not ever.

You know how I know this? That bill you just passed was almost the same bill they, the republicans tried to pass back in 1994. Strikingly similar, except for all of the damn tax increases and $436 B for the uninsured, but thats another topic. In fact you included over 200 things in this bill that were originally the idea of a republican. Remember those things they were complaining about? Yeah? Most of them were the ideas of their own party. Those things they tried to scare us with, death panels, socialism etc. If you look at any other piece of legislation currently making its way through the Senate, you’ll find the same republican “I dont want to play with you” sentiment. Financial sector and bank reform is getting the same resistance that health care did. Tell me who in their right mind would oppose that? No one in America better be, republican or democrat. Surprise all of the republicans currently in office are opposed to it. Why, for no other reason other than, its you and your party of democrats that will be successful if that bill is. Regardless, none of this matters and you know it, you have control at least until November elections are over.

Back to you and this bill. Another thing that I found particularly awesome about the last year of effort is, you didnt stop listening to both sides of the floor for ideas. I find this not only be admirable, but the way it should have been done, the way it should be done, and should be highlighted in the media, your coming praise and critiques. I’m sure you will bring this up come election time in November as a joker card. Again the perseverence to get this done was amazing. No matter how long it took, you were going to do it. No matter who said what, you at least listened, (more than we can say for most politicians). No matter, how scary the republicans made it, you never lost focus of the light you perceived to be at the end of the tunnel. You maintained your course and you got it done. That is why you get my praise.

…But really in truly the republicans have no one else to blame but themselves. They had control of congress from 1994-2006 and couldnt get this done, another reason for all of the hate this time around. But over those years the problem continuously compounded on itself and the demand to fix it only increased. However, like a bunch of 5 year olds, it was your way or the high way with health care and now look what happened? It is a bipartisan, 2200 page, 1 trillion dollar ball of shit that, emerged from beneathe the metaphoric carpet yesterday, thanks to Obama and Co., not you. Thats right, bipartisan, that ball of shit is just as much your fault as it is democrats. This is both good and bad. There are plenty of things that are not so hot in that bill, but one of those things that will always be tied to that bill is that it was successful because of the Democrats.

No matter what side you take on Health Care Reform, you can no longer claim President Obama does not know how to lead. You republicans can sit there and try and appeal, continue to lie about it, continue the scare tactics, or create an even bigger mess of this, but at the end of the day, you are left with one thing, and its the one thing that drives all Republicans crazy; a democratic president, and a democratic president who has won the war. He just passed the “center piece” of his legislation, a health care reform effort that every President for the last one hundred years has attempted and failed. Do your best to swallow that, not only did he succeed, but he succeeded with a bill that was almost entirely your creation.

Dear Republicans,

As a concerned American, I ask that you please broaden your mindset. You dont have control, nor will you ever if you dont contribute. Scare tactics and refusing to cooperate do not work. Especially when the president has the majority in the house. In fact it is that mindset that probably will lead us to complete government take over, we all fear so much. Its time to work together for our own good. You are up against a president who, just yesterday proved that his determination and political know-how is much stronger than you as a party. A president that currently has all of the political muscle he needs, to do anything he wants. Its time to come together and create this “Change” we can all believe in. Dont fight his will, be a part of it.

k thx bye,


P.S. Notice in this blog race was never mentioned? Race has nothing to do with this. It is soley politics, dem v. rep.

Be on the look out for another entry. Im still looking through the bill and its history, I have very mixed feelings so far.