Yoga For Traders

Markets left child position to rally quite a bit today, S&P has reclaimed 1400. I only closed positions today, nothing new or constructive to add here.



It’s Not An Airplane

Marky Mark tries to take to the skies in a car once again.

Mark, repeat after me, ” Red Bull does NOT actually give you wings.” You should know this already, they gave you wing to your team mate.


Lewis Hamilton At Red Bull?

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

Why? Why would you leave a perfectly good outfit? Especially one that you fit the best in. Let’s think about this. Obviously he wouldn’t want to take any major steps backwards from where he is. So that leaves:

Ferrari– Uh, no.  This is Alonso Town and we’ve been over this before. Hm, where have I seen this before.  Oh yeah. The disaster of a Hamilton – Alosno pairing at McLaren in 2007.  Again, NO!

Mercedes.  A good outfit for sure, especially under the management of Ross Brawn, but two things.  1.  McLaren is currently faster than Mercedes. 2.  This is a gamble similar to that of saving it for marriage.  Roll the dice!

Renault.  A team that also has its ish together but this outfit belongs to Kubica.

So that leaves Red Bull… Which really isn’t a good fit either.  They have Vettel. Period.  Who is a damn good, dominant young driver (like Lewis).  They also have Adrian Newey, which is in my opinion the biggest appeal to Red Bull as that man is Mensa brilliant.  Which means that team will have 2 #1 drivers a.k.a. the recipe for disaster or 1 of the drivers will have to play #2.  A character in the F1 circus neither Vettel or Hamilton will ever be able to play. On top of all of this, if you are Christian Horner, why would you want to take on the Lewis Hamilton kit and kaboodle?  Dude’s got a ridiculous entourage, special management at best, a quick tongue, and a teenager attitude.  This switch just doesn’t make sense for Lewis Hamilton or Red Bull. Let me try and seal this permanently with this mental image. Picture Lewis Hamilton in Mark Webber’s current shoes. Now imagine all the post race interviews. “Maintain the gap, that’s what Ali G says.”

So the question is why would you leave? Why would you leave a team that has been supporting you since you were 11 years old? Why would you leave a team that is by no means slow? Remember McLaren having a bad year means something disastrous like 2nd place. Although Senna would argue, “2nd place is the first to lose.”  For what it’s worth, McLaren has won 1 in every 4 GP’s its entered. Why would you leave a great team that wants to support you and does treat you like a #1 driver? Why would you take such a gamble with the entire arena set to change again in just a couple of years with new v-6 turbocharged engines? McLaren have some of the most brilliant engineers and scientists working under their outfit at MTC. McLaren is also a team who want to beat the Christian Horner – Adrian Newey outfit…just like they did before.   Why? Why? Why Lewis?  This doesn’t make any sense!   I understand that you are out to chase titles.  I understand that you are passionate about  if nothing else, the glory of racing.  But honestly, it doesn’t get much better than MACCA!

…Unless this is all a ploy to get you more money.


Going to Red Bull is foolish. Stay at Macca, develop a “Lewis Hamilton” style and work your magic.  The WDC’s will come. Just not in the current MP4-26.

Let us reminisce.

Lewis v. Vettel in equal equipment.

Probably my favorite Lewis Hamilton video. RIDICULOUS!

Flexi Wings.

Try and tell me Red Bull’s wings dont move.

They are illegal. ….But if you can make them pass the FIA’s tests anything goes.


Catch up Macca!