The Lottery

Everyone is talking about it so I guess I will too.

Americans collectively blow $25 billion dollars on lotto tickets every year.

56 possible numbers. You need to hit 6 right so your odds are:

56 * 55 * 54 * 53 * 52 * 51 = Fuck that!

Where could we better spend 25 billion dollars? 25,000 / 330 = $78/ american on average. Actually, this number is worse because you have to be above 18 years old to play the lottery. That is rigoddamndiculous!

Where could I better spend $78?
A day at vail
A bull put spread
New headphones
Healthy food
A dinner date
1/2 a costco run
My bleeding savings account
2 lift tickets at a bike resort
Apple shuffle
28% of a weekend in NYC
I know there is something that I need on Amazon that costs exactly $78.
Birth control since that is in the news
A new pairing knife
1 tire for my jeep
1 tire for my bike
1 tire for my other bike
1 tire for my other other bike (last week I was in my other other benz)
1 credit hour at a community college
9.75 months of netflix
$75.75 is actually exactly what verizon wireless charges me for 1 month of cell service.



30 Year Mortgage Rates

If homes were affordable, the vast majority of the populations wouldn’t need 30 year loans to get one.


1960 – median income ~$6600
1960 – median home price ~$12000

Leverage and financialization of everything in this country is whats destroying it. 4% schmorepercent. It’s still to expensive!